7 Top Tips for Motivating Children to Learn

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motivating children to learn

Motivating children to learn. My top seven practical, tried-and-true tips from a lifetime working with children. Brought to you by ASG. Plus, see below for details on how to enter ASG’s competition to win a week-long luxury family excursion!   I’ve had all kinds of teaching and learning experiences with children- in mainstream schools and Steiner Waldorf ones; across preschools…

Why I love Waldorf Kindergartens

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waldorf kindergartens

(Ned’s 6 year old birthday celebration) “Long have I searched for you, you wicked creature”   Why I LOVE Waldorf Kindergartens   Ned and I were in the bath last week after Jack had gone to bed, and he started telling me the exciting news that he played the ‘Woodcutter’ that day at kindergarten. Without further ado, he said in…

Ken Robinson Ted Talk On Creative Education For Kids And Life

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ken robinson

Ken Robinson TED Talk on Creative Education for Kids If you have kids, then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you take 20 minutes and watch this Ken Robinson TED talk video. There is a reason it is the most watched TED talk ever. His ideas about what our children will be facing in their schooling life, and beyond into their unknown future…

The car race game: a movement game and tool for left to right brain integration

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race track game with pencil 2

As an early childhood educator and a mum, I want to make sure (as we all do) that my son has plenty of movement opportunities, especially things that help develop his left-right brain integration which is so important (crucial?) for academic readiness and formal schooling preparation. And the most effective way to do this is through fun and games. Recently,…

Use symbols and pictures to help children establish ownership

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Younger children who can’t yet read, are able to recognise symbols. Using symbols is the perfect way to help children establish a sense of ownership over their things when they can’t yet recognise their own name. Not only that, a symbol is something fun! Recognising, and then drawing symbols is the basis for writing and reading too. Think Egyptian heiroglyphics!!…

Help your child to read: the importance of movement for brain skills

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Learning to read is one of life’s great joys, but it can be one of life’s biggest frustrations! Anything that can help a child (or adult) to learn to read is marvellous, especially if it is fun and entices someone to want to engage in the learning process with joy! One trick is getting the foundation right. Movement helps with…