10 New and Different Birthday Party Bag Ideas

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birthday party bag ideas

10 New and Different Birthday Party Bag Ideas for fun mementos that don’t cost the earth (This post was in collaboration with Packqueen) It was Ned’s 6th birthday this week, and we are planning a little outing to Crystal Castle in the Byron Hinterland during the holidays to celebrate with a few of his close friends. I love birthday parties,…

How to make a Hungry Little Caterpillar birthday party invitation using cardboard

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Hungry Little Caterpillar birthday invitation

    I made this simple 3D ‘Hungry Little Caterpillar’-inspired invitation for a playgroup Autumn event, but it would make a great birthday invitation too, and it wouldn’t be too tricky or time-consuming to make a bunch for your children’s friends. I love making invitations for parties.  I love the creative challenge to come up with something a little bit…

A Unique and Treasured Birthday Celebration Idea for a 5 year old child

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ned birthday celebration

A shining star! Through the fluke of a camera angle, look at what happened to this picture.  Seriously… a perfect image of this delightful personality.  Ned was lucky enough to have his birthday celebration at his preschool this week. On Wednesday morning, the first thing he did was yell, ‘Mum, it’s my birthday celebration today’.  It was kind of loud…

25 great dinosaur games and party activities

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dinosaur cake2

25 great dinosaur games and party activities Last Saturday, we held Ned’s 5th birthday party- filled with dinosaur games and activities. A simple do.  Ned’s real birthday is not until next week, but I wanted to be sure he didn’t miss out so we brought the party forward a few weeks before the new bub’s due date. My friend Ronnie,…

Make your own ‘dinosaur and egg’ birthday invitations

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handmade paper dinosaur invitation for a boy birthday

Today, Ned and I made the 12 birthday invitations for his upcoming ‘dinosaur’ party.  Yes, my son is now dinosaur obsessed but I am a little thankful that this year we have a new theme to work with!  I was kind of wondering how I was going to come up with something inventive for a third ‘truck’ inspired party…  …

Inventive cakes for children’s birthdays: pile of “dirt” cake pops

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Ned wanted a cake with Bob the Builder. So we made a ‘dirt cake’ surrounded by a retaining wall! The Dirt Cake was simply the recipe for Red Velvet Cake Pops  but without taking the last step and making them into balls. We added a retaining wall made of Violet Crumble (honeycomb covered with chocolate) squares and an icing mixture (butter,…

Bob the Builder Handmade Party Invitations

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My son desperately wants a Bob the Builder party. But I’ve struggled with this, wanting to honour his wishes but not wanting to buy into the whole commercialism thing. So, we’ve come to a compromise. He’s having a Dirt Party!  and Bob is invited. We decided to make a Dirt Cake, and have a little plastic Bob keyring head which…

Handmade gift ideas: stitched felt frogs and autumn leaf boy

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How cute is this? The frogs were a gift to Ned for his birthday from his friend Keone, made by his mum Mari at the Silkwood Craft group.  I’m unsure of the designer of this pattern, but someone might like to let me know via the comments… He also received this gorgeous little Autumn leaf boy in the post. (Actually,…

Ned’s Birthday Celebration at Moondew Playgroup 2011

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I can’t give too much away as this is a special occasion for Moondew families, but Ned did finally have his turn at sitting on the Rainbow Throne. Our little Moondew friend Sits on the rainbow throne For today, is the one day, they can call their very own!   Ned couldn’t wait to open his gift and was super…

Birthday Celebrations (Waldorf inspired) for 2 year olds

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Birthday Celebrations are a special time in a child’s life.  It is a day where the child steps over a yearly threshold.  Each year, the child grows and changes and we observe as they travel through different “epochs”. (eg baby-toddler-boundary pusher-mama’s helper-fairy and elf friend…. this goes on throughout life) It is wise mother and father who recognise these epochs and takes…