Fimo Bunnies for Easter: a how-to tutorial

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fimo bunny family

Fimo Bunnies for Easter or Spring decorations If you are looking for a sweet but simple craft for Easter or springtime, why not try making your own fimo bunnies? They are just perfect for a tiny surprise gift on Easter morning, and small enough to pop in the post for a letterbox surprise for a friend too. They’d be great…

“Making Childhood Magical.” I’m not done!

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making childhood magical

“Why I’m NOT Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical”   Yesterday, a friend posted this on her Facebook page. “I’m done making my kid’s child magical“ by Bunmi Laditan, featured on The Huffington Post. Bunmi’s article is a reminder that it is not our job as parents to CREATE a magical life for our children, and that they already see and…

10 New and Different Birthday Party Bag Ideas

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birthday party bag ideas

10 New and Different Birthday Party Bag Ideas for fun mementos that don’t cost the earth (This post was in collaboration with Packqueen) It was Ned’s 6th birthday this week, and we are planning a little outing to Crystal Castle in the Byron Hinterland during the holidays to celebrate with a few of his close friends. I love birthday parties,…

How to Make a Simple Paper Easter Egg Basket

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How to make a simple paper Easter Egg Basket

How to make a simple paper Easter Egg basket   Simple crafts do wonders in helping mamas to find their creative spark!  Even a simple creative task, such as this, proves that they CAN be creative!   During our old Moondew playgroup days, we only had limited time for crafty things.  The activity needed to be purposeful, beautiful and worthwhile…

How to make an Easter egg basket from paper: a how-to tutorial

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origami box for easter egg hunt

 How to make an Easter Egg basket from Paper With Easter only just over three weeks away, you might just be needing a quick and easy Easter Egg basket to make with your children in preparation. This one is made of paper, and was inspired by Ned’s Easter kindergarten gift from last year. You need two pieces of paper, one…

10 Simple But Unusual Ideas to Celebrate Easter with Children

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easter table 2013

Ideas to Celebrate Easter with Children (An oldie but a goodie) With Easter fast approaching, (again!) here are 10 simple but unusual ideas to celebrate Easter with children. I think your little ones will love it. Easter Shelf 1.  Clear the top of a desk, a sideboard, or shelf and create an Easter scene to invite the Easter bunny/bilby into…

DIY Salad Bar Party.

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diy salad bar party

DIY Salad Bar Party A Month of Food Fun on PFE…Day One   Every day during February (or as often as I can- life is PRETTY BUSY this month, even busier than usual…but I’m striving to get here fairly regularly…), I’m going to share some ‘Food Fun’ ideas. These are things I’ve been gathering over the years from friends, family,…

GoldieBlox Video Showing Girls Creativity and Smarts

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goldieblox video showing girls creativity

The 9th Day of Christmas Video Fun on PFE I love this GoldieBlox video showing girls creativity and super smarts!   I saw this very clever advertising video a few months back, and fell in love. How fabulous it is to see young girls doing something more than playing with Barbie, or dressing up as a princess. Not that there…

Cute Christmas Nail Art Ideas

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cute christmas nail art ideas

OMG! Easy and fun cute Christmas nail art ideas for Christmas Day. I love a bit of quirky. (‘Quirky chick’ is even on my business card!) And I do believe I’ve never really grown up. I still love my Japanese cutesy stationery as much as I did during my teenage years, I’m completely enamoured by a rainbow or a sweet…

Christmas House light show featuring all your favourite carols!

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christmas house light show

Have you seen this Christmas House light show? Another clever take on the ‘light up the house to music’ trickiness.   A few years ago, I was sent a link to a very cool video of a house being illuminated at Halloween in time with that song by Party Rock Anthem. Wow. Who knew you could do such a thing?…

The Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix

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the little drummer boy

The Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix Oooh, the harmonies!   If you haven’t yet heard this version of The Little Drummer Boy, then you are in for a treat. It does mean having to close your eyes occasionally during the cringe-worthy moments on the film clip (there’s a bit of fancy-pants earnest face-pulling, staring up to the heavens eye-action, and…

Have you seen this Christmas Flash Mob songs medley?

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christmas flash mob songs

  Have you seen this Christmas Flash Mob songs medley? The fastest way for me to find a bit of Christmas spirit or cheer is to listen to Christmas carols. I’ve made a fabulous playlist on Spotify (do you have Spotify? oh my, it has changed the way I listen to music…) I’ve been listening to Mariah Carey, George Michael…

Funny Moving Christmas Cards by ICQ Friendship Cards

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funny moving Christmas cards

 Funny Moving Christmas Cards by ICQ Friendship Cards   My mum often sends me funny moving Christmas cards. This is her latest find. It is so cute, I thought I’d share it here with you too. Just click on the link and enjoy. I think your little ones might like this as much as Jack did. He thought all the…

30 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make at Home

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Christmas 1

30 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make at Home with Mama or Papa (Why just the kids? Lots for the mama who likes to craft too!)   Did you follow along with my 30 Christmas Crafts in November? (Perhaps you’ve only just joined us now?) If you did, I’d love to know if you took action and made something……