Festive Fun- Writing on Windows!

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writing on windows

Festive Fun!

When else are you allowed to write on windows?

In conjunction with Crayola.

writing on windows


Last week, I was co-host of our monthly Crafternoon get together. (Madness… it’s been going for 4.5 years now!)   We decided to make it a cooking/baking day, so the girls all made a festive Christmas box with a handle and then filled it with a whole bunch of treats that they ‘made’ here.  We had Strawberry Mascarpone Tarts (my absolute favourite dessert ever) , Christmas Pudding Balls with white chocolate drizzle, Raw Chocolate Bliss Balls (my most searched recipe ever!), Reindeer Gingerbread cookies, passionfruit and blueberry pavlovas and Christmas Ice.

But there was no way I was going to remember all that. So I wrote the menu up on my big glass door using the bright and shiny neon-like Window Crayons from Crayola. I also drew a Christmas tree… and invited Ned to decorate it!  Writing on the windows?  What an awesome treat.

crayola window crayons pm2

A few days later, that sneaky little ‘Gnome in the Home’ decided he’d have a play with the window crayons and he left a little note one morning on the window inviting Ned and Jack to a bit of drawing fun on the back window this time. Oh my!  Twice in one week.

That is out-of-this-world awesome!  I simply love hands-on adventures with ‘Gnome in the Home’ and Ned does too. (Almost as much as the sneaky ‘candy treat’ ones that pop up from time to time.)

Today, I noticed another little sneaky note from my business partner Victoria on the window too. “Victoria is so cooolllll!”   Must have been that cheeky ‘Gnome in the Home’ at work again!


If you fancy a bit of holiday window-writing fun for your children, I can vouch for these crayons. They are super bright – not so much when you write with them- it depends on the window you write on and where the light source is- BUT at night… they SHINE like a neon disco!  So much so, I don’t want to wash the back window just yet.  PS:  It comes off with a soapy bucket of water and a sponge with NO effort at all.  Easy peasy. Another great thing about these crayons.

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