How to make a bee mobile using a wooden bee body

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These little timber shapes come from Casey’s Wood
To make a bee, all you do is paint the body with yellow acrylic paint.
Add a few stripes around the body.
and a cute face.
Cut a small 2cm square of mesh netting for the wings.
Run a gather stitch through the centre,
and pull it in tight.
Tie this around the neck of the bee.
Use the extra thread to  hang it up, either on a tree or on a little twig.
One of our Wednesday friends was besotted with the little bee, and carried it around with her all morning, holding tightly onto the twig as it zoomed around…
Why not make a few and hang them around a wire or rattan ring?
You might add some butterflies too.
Spring is coming!

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  1. Moniek

    Aww, so cute! Hope I can find those bee-shapes somewhere in the Netherlands…otherwise I’ll just combine an oval and a round bead!

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