How to make a Busy Bee from a banksia pod

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 There is nothing like a bee to represent Spring in all her glory!
This simple version is truly well loved- by mama’s and their children!
and it is super simple and quick to make, yet brings hours of joy!
This is our native Australian banksia pod.
(Non-Australian readers might have to come up with their own native tree seed- I’d love to see what you do!!  Send me a link to your post or send me a pic when you are done!)
And this is what you’ll need.
A banksia pod, 3 lengths of yellow wool about 15 cm each (this 16 ply wool is from Carol at Rainbow Wools ), a piece of cotton thread, a skewer stick or bush twig, a 10cm square piece of netting or veil material, and a 20cm length of thick cotton embroidery thread for hanging.
Firstly, wrap a piece of yellow wool around the eyes of the seedpod and tie off.

Repeat this three times, evenly spaced.

Neatly cut off the wool tails.

Gather the centre of the netting and secure this with the piece of cotton thread,
ensuring the thread has two equal ends.

Tie the wings onto the banksia pod.

Tie the long thread onto the bee pod, and attach the bee to the skewer/stick.

Zooma, Zooma Zee
Busy, busy bee
Sipping at the flowers
In the springtime hours
zoom, zoom, zoom!

Here is the little Beehive invite we attached to the stick.
This could be removed once they returned home and placed on the fridge calendar!

It was lovely to have busy bees sitting in amongst the flowers on my nature table too!

The bees were used as part of my transition game.
I gave one to a child, and took the other one myself as an example and we flew the busy bees over the heads and ‘flower’ shaped hands of the children during the song.  When the song finished, the bee landed near a ‘friend’ and it was now their turn.
I used this little rhyme by Mary K Robinson and put it to a tune.
When I was in the garden
I saw a great Queen Bee
She was the very largest one
That I did ever see
She wore a shiny helmet
and a lovely velvet gown,
But I was rather sad, because
She didn’t wear a crown
Happy Bee Buzzing!
By the way, if you are interested in finding out more about the difficulties that are facing our bees right now, (a potential distaster actually, as without bees, we can have no fruits, vegetables, grains…..)

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  1. Donna

    Beautiful bees Amber, the boys still have their bumble bees from kindy. I would love to go and see the film when it comes to Oz.
    p.s wish you and Ned could come next Friday :(

  2. Jenifer in NZ

    i wrote to the filmmaker in OR, USA to find out if it would be coming south, or when there will be a DVD release so that we could order a copy. we love bees!

    i love bees!

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