How to make butterfly wings costume with netting and wool

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How to make butterfly wings costume

How to make butterfly wings costume with netting and wool

Here is a quick and cheap way to make butterfly, bug or bee wings. Just adjust colours of netting to suit.

Netting in a whole rainbow of colours can be found at Spotlight (Australia) but most good crafting and material stores should have a supply.  It is about $2.99 a metre but you only need 1/2 metre of each of your colour choices. (And this will make two sets).
  1. Firstly, lay your netting colours one on top of the other.
  2. Cut the 1/2 metre in two so you now have two rectangular piles.
  3. (I used purple, green and pink for Ned’s butterfly wings)
  4. Gather the netting up in the middle like so.
  5.  You’ll need a big long length of twistie or fingerknitting , at least 1.5 metres in total.
  6.  Fold your plaited rope in half and tie off the netting tightly around the middle, like so.
  7.  Gather your child and place the netting in the middle of their back, then make two loops with the long lengths, one around each shoulder.
  8.  Secure the loops back at the original knot. (I like to thread the rope from the shoulder loop back through or under the knot to make sure it is firm and stays in place.  Do this for both sides).
  9.  Finish with a bow!
How to make butterfly wings costume
You’ll need antennas like these for the dress up too. Here’s an easy tutorial for antennas made from wool and pipe cleaners. Simply change the colour of the wool and pipes to suit your costume design.
As soon as his wings were on, Ned was off! What a quick metamorphosis from sluggish caterpillar to zippy butterfly. Now, all he needs is his colourful butterfly tshirt and his face painted for a total transformation.

Isn’t it simple?

What kind of insect dress-up costume might you make?

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  1. Sharningu

    Oh, I am so glad you posted this. I have been wondering how I am going to make Oakley’s Mozzie wings for Sunday! Yes, I cannot convince him to be anything else!

  2. Amber Greene

    Yeah Sharni, now you can make some. We did have a mossie years ago in a festival and we just made black, white and purple wings but we made them wider than the other wings so they sat literally from one shoulder to the other…

    Thanks Jo. It is too cute! I can’t wait to see them all flying around on sunday!

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