Outdoor Playground Ideas: gardening, wildlife, sandpit, and water activities

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And a few more outdoor playground ideas…

Again, with big big thanks to Fiona Jarvis, of Playgroup ACT, for her inspiration and ideas.




*provide tools such as shovels, rakes, watering cans and hand diggers.
You can buy these pretty cheaply from most large hardware shops (for $5- $10 a piece) and they make GREAT Christmas presents!  Stuck for an idea for a birthday gift?  This is something that both parents and children will love!


Wildlife Wonders-

*Bird feeders, bird baths, logs and large boulder rocks, and mossy ponds entice the local animals into your garden.  Why not make your own bird feeder?
(Pop back here in a few days for instructions on how to make your own simple one in an hour or two!)


Sandpit Sensations-

Fiona’s tips. Does your sandpit have these things?
*smooth rocks, pine cones, branches, shells, access to water, spatulas, rolling pins, funnels, sieves, scoops, measuring spoons and cups, shakers, wooden blocks, plastic animals or people, tubes and pipes?


Wonderful water-

Fiona suggests introducing water to the sandpit by
*using hoses, water tables, tubs, sprinklers, gutters, spray bottles or ice.
(We once played with ice boats! How to make your own floating ice boats!)

I’d like to try hanging a large plastic bottle (spiked with tiny holes) from a high branch and filling it with water for a magical sprinkly shower in the springtime. What fun!
You might even see rainbows!!!


Of course, all outdoor playgrounds require supervision to make sure no one gets hurt.
(please excuse the little health and safety speech)
But that doesn’t mean parents have to be directing the action, does it.

Not at all.

Why not grab a book and a hot cup of tea and rejoice in a little bit of uninterrupted time in the sunshine? Enjoy!

Keep the children within earshot but give them a little space to create their own games.

Remember the joy of our childhoods filled with these things! Let’s give our children the gift of lots of unhurried, unmanaged, free time in the outdoors too!

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