How to deal with separation anxiety in toddlers – saying goodbye at childcare

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How to deal with separation anxiety in toddlers

#1  an idea to help at childcare



I spotted this picture on the internet last week.  It’s “The Waving Spot”, a place in the corner of the garden for children to go and wave a coloured flag as their mums and dads head off on a busy day, or to greet them at home time.


If you have a child who suffers from separation anxiety, this creative idea might just help.

(On another note, did I ever tell you about my son’s old preschool ‘Kissing Window’ that works in a similar fashion?  #joytrigger )

It touched my heart to see this set up, and I’m so deeply grateful for people like this, who go about their work in such a way as to make a real difference to the children and parents they care for and encounter.  It’s just LOVE in action, isn’t it.

And I can see it now…. little children showing each other how to do the royal wave over the fence posts!


Don’t you just want to grab a flag and wave along too!

I bags the red one!




NB:  Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to relocate the original picture or find who to credit.  If you know, please let me know so I can link them here.  

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