Easter Bingo

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If you are looking for some Easter fun beyond scoffing chocolate, why not play Easter Bingo?
All you need to do is to make up some bingo cards with Easter-themed words on them,
one card per player.  Be sure to have one word on each card that is exclusive to the pack,
ie: not appearing on more than one board in the game.
For example, Board 1: Hare, Board 2:  Cottontail, Board 3: Easter Train, Board 4: chick
You’ll also need to write out every word used on a board on a small pack of cards (about the size of a large matchbox) made from white cardboard.  Keep these together with a rubber band.
Ask your children to decorate the boards.  You might try cutting out letters from scrapbooking paper, or a set of eggs in different sizes.  I added a cute little bunny hiding among the eggs.
To play, hand out a board to each player along with a set of 9* markers in a cup or container.
I used a small flower punch and punched out blooms from a piece of red card.

*Enough markers per the number of squares on your board. 

Store the game in a zip lock bag to keep it in good condition for next year.
Why not start your own Easter tradition?  Handmade board games.
Try challenging your family members to come up with a new game/s for next year’s Easter feast.

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