Fimo Bunnies for Easter: a how-to tutorial

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fimo bunny family

Fimo Bunnies for Easter or Spring decorations

If you are looking for a sweet but simple craft for Easter or springtime, why not try making your own fimo bunnies? They are just perfect for a tiny surprise gift on Easter morning, and small enough to pop in the post for a letterbox surprise for a friend too. They’d be great as birthday cake decorations too.

I am still inexplicably drawn to tiny ornamental nick-nacks. I wonder if it has something to do with an old memory?  My grandma used to pack five Christmas stockings- one each for my two sisters and I, and our two girl cousins- with sweet decorations made of china, lollies, and pretty (but mostly useless) ornaments. Grandma spent many joyful hours scouring the shops of Sydney all year round and built her stash of tiny trinkets. She found plenty in one little asian grocer in Hornsby back in the day when there weren’t too many of these around. Come Christmas time, she wrapped each one of these treasures in tissue paper and stuffed our bags full. Every Christmas, opening ‘Grandma’s stocking’ was our most anticipated event. We were made to wait until after Christmas lunch. (Meanies!) Around 3pm, we girls were given these stockings and the unwrapping fun would begin. I can still see so many of these endearing gems in my memory.

These little fimo bunnies would have been a perfect handmade fit.  Grandma would have loved them. You might too!

Fimo Bunnies Figurines Tutorial

fimo sculpey

1.  For this project, you’ll need modelling clay in pale pink, white, and YOUR favourite bunny colours. I use Sculpey oven-bake clay, purchased from Spotlight craft store in Australia.  Fimo is another alternative.  Check your local craft stores and variety shops too, as they often keep stock. These blocks were about $6 each but you only use a small amount for these bunnies so you’ll have plenty for other projects too.  As long as you keep them well wrapped when you are not using them, (I wrap them tightly in gladwrap), the clay doesn’t dry out.

fimo sculpey modelling clay colours
2.  Most oven-bake clay comes in a variety of colours so you’ll have an abundance of choice.


fimo bunny body feet 2

3.  For these fimo bunnies projects, you’ll need to break off a 2 cm long block in your favourite colour. Be sure to wash your hands before you start to keep the clay looking fresh and clean. (Actually, wash your hands between colours too if you can, especially if you are using white or a pale colour as your base.)  Soften the clay in your fingers by rolling, pulling and kneading the clay until it is like a dough and doesn’t break or crack when you shape it. You’ll need to make a oval shaped ball (about 2cm long) and also a heart-shaped base for the feet.  The base is only about 3 mm deep.  Use your thumb to gently attach the base to the oval, spreading the clay from the base onto the oval to secure it in place.


fimo bunny head 1

4.  To make the head of the bunny, soften a piece of clay and then roll a slightly smaller ball. Use your fingers to pull out two long ‘ear’ shapes, ending with a point.  Shape the ‘face’ by pulling on the ‘chin’ slightly forward too.

fimo bunny 3

5.  Press the ‘head’ onto the body gently, on an angle so the ears point backwards.  You can also fix the head so the ears point upwards if you want a more upright-positioned rabbit. Use your fingers or thumb to secure any joins by spreading clay between both surfaces.

fimo bunny 4

6.  Roll a tiny piece of pink clay into a soft ball to make the tail and attach onto the back of the oval shape.

fimo bunny eyes 5

7.  Use the tip of a piece of wire, or a paper clip, to make an indent for each eye (widely spaced apart is cuter, and more reminiscent of a sweet japanese cartoon character) and one for the nose too.  Then it is time to bake the clay.  Follow the instructions on the packet.  (I placed my bunnies on a upturned glass dish and put them in the oven on the lowest heat setting for approximately 15 minutes and they came out perfectly.)  Be mindful not to leave them too long or they will brown or burn.

fimo bunnies1

8.  Experiment with your colourings and groupings.

fimo bunny twins


I particularly like my white twin bunnies.  They are just a bit cute and Ned has adopted them already!

I think these modelling clay bunnies would be perfect on a Easter-inspired nature table, just peeking out from behind a log.  Or as a nice alternative to chocolate on Easter Sunday morning.  And imagine how sweet it would be to make a set of 10 bunny babies in two different colours for your own bunny-inspired tic tac toe game too?

What else might you use them for?

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