Jacaranda Tree circle or transition game for home, playgroup or kindergarten

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Something new!  Oh, what fun!!
MamaMoontime readers often ask me for audio and video footage of games, songs and stories I share.
Now, I can do it!
This is my favourite Jacaranda song.  Every year, when the jacaranda trees bloom in these parts, this song jumps right back into my head. I dare say I’ll probably be singing it in my grave.
That is how catchy it is.  Watch out!
If you have Jacaranda trees near you, why not try it too?
(And if not, tiny bundles of purple fleece tops or purple-coloured, tiny wool pompoms would work equally as well).
And here is the game in action.
Big thank you’s to my helpful friends Eden, Teo, Hugo and Ned.
Superstars, they are!
If you are at home, Mum and Dad and perhaps teddy can join in too.
Happy playing!

Please let me know what you think about my inaugural video spot!

 It’s a pretty big thing to put yourself out there but I had fun pretending to be a host on ‘Playschool‘.
It was almost as good as the real thing. Now, that would be fun!

12 Responses to “Jacaranda Tree circle or transition game for home, playgroup or kindergarten”

  1. AliB

    Oh thanks for putting this up Mamamoontime! I was getting frustrated when all I could remember was ..’ jacaranda, jacaranda… ‘ now I know all the song! Any chance of doing The Seekers song too, probably asking too much hey??! :-)

  2. marias67

    LOVE THIS ONE AMBER We all sing it in the car – a bit of a challenge the first to see a jacaranda tree has to start off, and as more are seen it turns into a beautiful round… BEAUTIFUL

  3. Jenny

    Its lovely to see it in action and hear the tune!!
    I think a guest spot for you on play school with one of your circle time stories or birthday ceremonys would be real treat for our children to see :) xxx

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