Truck-themed game for boy birthday parties: Find the tools a truck driver needs and collect a token

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I’m busy planning my son’s 5th birthday Dinosaur party.  It’s in less than two weeks and hopefully the new baby won’t make a surprise entrance before then!   But last year, Ned had a truck-themed do.  This was another game we played.

My husband drew seven truck-themed pictures (keys to start the truck, lunch for the truck driver to eat, tools the truck driver might use- rake, shovel, and broom, sand and soil, and the truck itself.  Each picture was attached to a rainbow coloured envelope and filled with round cardboard tokens in the same colour.  The aim of the game was for each child to find and pick up the seven things a truck driver needed (signified by a coloured token)  and when they were done, to swap their tokens for a prize.



hunt the truck game3


hunt the truck game4

These seven envelopes were then hidden in strategic places around our back yard- attached to a leg of the trampoline, stuck to one of the outdoor windows, in a tree, half-buried in the sandpit.

hunt the truck game5

The children were then given a little paper collecting cup and they were sent off on an adventure to find their seven tokens- one for each colour of the rainbow.

hunt the truck game6


The hardest thing for the children was to remember to take just one token from an envelope.  For many, THIS was the treasure.

hunt the truck game7


But search they did, and when the truck drivers had collected all their work things, a brand new matchbox truck was theirs to keep!

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