Crystal Treasure Hunting Game for party fun

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This is my new all-time favourite of things to do with little children….
A Crystal treasure hunting game!!
Small circular carpet mats were placed on the table and in the centre of each mat sat a small pile of tiny stones, an upturned clam, paua or pretty shell, and a little pair of tweezers.
The object of the ‘game’ was for children to use their tweezers to hunt for 15 (approx) teeny tiny coloured crystal treasures.  When they found one, they were asked to deposit it into the treasure collector shell by their side.
At first, Ned didn’t quite get it.  To him, any stone was a treasure.
Bless his little heart!
But the man in charge gently showed him what to look for and he got the gist.
The tables were full of children of ALL ages, and they were mesmerised as they became little archeologists digging through stone.
Ned’s little mate D. loved it too!
He was a champion treasure hunter.
And the best bit….
They could take their treasure home.
Each child was given a little net bag for their booty when their work was done.
I can just imagine this being a BIG HIT at your next dinosaur or fairy party… perhaps the children could dig for all kinds of things…
What would your children dig for?

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  1. Jo Jones

    This looks like a great activity! We recently did the Gnome Roam on Mt Buller and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it somI’m planning a treasure hunt themed birthday party for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. Do you know if this activity was run by a company? I’ve been searching on the Internet for some kits to purchase but haven’t had much luck.

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