Six Fun Things to Do with Rainbow Silks

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Ideas on how to use a Rainbow Dip-dyed cloth 


rainbow silks

Avril (below) was a presenter for a rainbow dip dyeing workshop. Look at the lovely rainbow silk cloths she dyed with her group. Later in the week, we had a group discussion to share some ideas on how we could use these cloths with children in imaginative play.


rainbow silks


One lady, Jenni, dyed her rainbow silks horizontally. What creativity!

Her cloth will be used as a backdrop of mountains, forests, sea, hills etc that will sit behind her stories she tells.

Other ideas included:

2. Singing ‘Lavendar Blue dilly dally’ complete with silk puppet story
3. Using the cloth in a birthday celebration as a cloak and turban for the birthday child
4. Creating rainbow butterfly wings for play
5. Rolling up small strips of coloured silk into ‘roses’ and displaying them in a basket for children to use in play
6. Making a rainbow ring around a birthday child, with all the friends holding on to the silk cloth and encircling the child, whilst singing a birthday song and walking slowly around the child/adult to honour their special gifts

Do you have Rainbow Silks?

What do YOU use them for?

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  1. Deb

    In our home on birthdays, the birthday child wakes up to find a path of rainbow silks leading from their bedroom door all the way to the birthday table which is draped with silk cloths too. For those wondering how, we have MANY silks in MANY colours and a small house!

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