Craft projects: Make your own wet felting story landscape mat

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Are you looking for new craft projects? You might like this.

For years now, I’ve been playing with the art of wet felting. One of my favourite things to make with wet-felting is a story landscape mat. These wet felting mats can be used as a simple (or not-so-simple!) foundation for mums, dads, or teachers to begin their storytelling adventures, and can be a useful tool for those wanting to develop confidence and courage when storytelling. I love that you can really embellish a story by adding handmade or natural props as needed on top of the mat- timber horse fences, curtain rings, shells, tiny dolls, blocks, knitted or felt animals, pom-pom trees and vases of flowers. What you add is up to you- there is no limit to the imagination. Nor is their a limit on what you can put into your mat creation.

I’ve been running workshops showing how to make these mats for years now, and no matter how many hours I allocate for the workshop, we always run over time! Simply because the ideas keep firing, and people want to add more and more fun to their mat. I have a suspicion that although most people come to the workshop with the idea of making a lovely gift for their child or children, in the end, the felt mat becomes a work of art for them too! Enough said. Today I wanted to share with you a whole bunch of story mat inspiration made by my friends and I. I think you too might just want to make one…


cat watts ocean mat‘Ocean Shimmer’ by Cat Watts and son.

craft projects

‘Polar Landscape’ by Tania

desert mat

Desert beauty by Felicity




And the ‘burning fire’ prop to go with it.




Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow by Lara.



rainbow mat

‘Pot of Gold’ by the Fairy’s Toadstool House




Bear’s hide out by the river.




Grassy pastures and vegie patch




A close-up of another Veggie Patch, this one by Maria.




Ocean bliss by Felicity



duck pond by dionne

Dionne’s sweet ‘duck pond’



felicity mat 3

Felicity’s ‘Frog Prince’ pool



felicity mat 6

A vertical Treescape



felicity mat 7

Another ‘treescape’, this 3D version by Felicity




‘Along the Golden Path’



house & tree

‘The House that Jack Built’ by Cindi, with prefelts for roof trusses and tree branches



new grass, storymat 035

“The children who lived at Moondew” story mat




“Flowing waters over stones’




‘The River’



seascape by who?

‘The Treasures you find in the sea’ by unknown maker.
Loving all the extra props, including nature’s treasures!




“Bridge over water”



toadstool house

My Toadstool House, vertical story landscape



xmas tree felt

‘Christmas Elves came to visit’

How beautiful and varied are they?  The sky is truly the limit.


If you’ve ever wanted to learn to felt,

but can’t get to a class, or find a tutor, or live too far away…

my e-book can help.

 hand-felted storymat

“How to hand-felt a landscape story mat e-book by Amber”

50 page, full coloured, step-by-step guide to felting.


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