10 Tips to Free Up One Extra Hour Every Day for Your Creative Life (or a bit of extra shut-eye!)

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10 Tips to Free Up One Extra Hour Every Day for Your Creative Life

Every day, I aim to squeeze in a dose of creative expression amongst the piles of everyday life. But, if you are like me, being squeezed doesn’t feel like much fun!
So, in 2015, I’m trying to grab 60 of those slippery minutes all together to give me one large chunk of creative time every day.

Want to join me???

Here are my top 10 time-savers, big tips to free up one extra hour per day.

1.  Make sure the kitchen is clean after dinner.

Dishes are washed, benches wiped down and things are put back in their place.  If my kitchen is orderly on a lemon fresh morning, my creative thinking cap can switch on.  (I can happily cope with disorder in the rest of the house for a while!)


2.  Make myself a weekly food plan and a corresponding shopping list.

This makes sure I only visit the food shops once per week, instead of popping in to ‘just pick up’ a few bits and bobs at random times.
(This is my Number One time saver, and cuts down petrol costs too!)


3.   Read only the weekend papers, and if possible, read Saturday’s paper only.

(Saturday has a round-up of the week’s worldly news.  Sunday is mostly ads and fluff).    I love my lazy weekend loll reading the papers, but I am shocked at how much time this eats up.   I stopped reading the dailies years ago, and instantly freed up thirty minutes per day.  If you are desperate for news, grab a quick byte on one of the main news websites!


4.  Limit library visits to once per fortnight.

I LOVE the library, and information and learning but I can easily absorb (ie: happily waste) hours of my time flicking through the twenty-odd new books and magazines I borrow each visit.  And, the juicy celeb-gossip-mag catch-up is now being saved for a binge at my bi-monthly hair appointments.  Time saving:  Hours and hours!


5.   Exercise at home.

 For a few weeks now, I’ve been tai-bo-ing with Billy Blanks!  Yes, the local library supplied the video and I (mostly) supply the will power.  But my fave thing:  more time left over for my own fun!  Shave 10 minutes in preparation (who cares what I wear), another 10-30 in travel time, not to mention the fact that I can shower at home. No lugging of spare clothes, or reapplying makeup.  Minutes saved: 40.   Exercising in my nightie: Priceless!


6.  Encourage my children to join in the housekeeping fun!

Children do marvellous jobs of washing down the windows, swirling soapy suds on dining tables and washing dishes with a dish-mop if you’ll let them.  Even if you have to re-do some of the jobs, the time you save by having them ‘help’ is worth the effort.


7.  Checking emails every second day.

Time saved:  a minimum 90 minutes per 48 hours


8.  Ditch Facebook. (But I’m hanging onto Instagram for dear life!)

I love it, but now only check in for 10 minutes (okay, 20 minutes…) every couple of days to satisfy my cravings!


9.  Gather all your creative supplies in one place and label the boxes with descriptive indicators.

Since I’ve revamped my craft room, life is so much simpler.  There is now only one spot in the house for brown wrapping paper, scissors, sticky tape, fleece, stamps, glue, paper and paint AND one big table on which to make my creative mess.  Finding things has never been so easy!!  An abundance of minutes saved right there!  And the best thing is that this room has a door!  Half finished work stays safe and out of harms way until my next free moment.


10.  Host big parties!!!

I love a party, and I love a big catch up with lots of people at once.  Plan your ‘do’ to last at least 6 hours and you’ll have enough time to converse with all your friends and loved ones.


Now, I’ve cornered some time, I can plan some new projects.
Keep watch over the coming weeks to see just what will come of it!

What about you?

Do you have a groovy time-saving tip?  Share it here!

4 Responses to “10 Tips to Free Up One Extra Hour Every Day for Your Creative Life (or a bit of extra shut-eye!)”

  1. Anonymous

    Say yes more to the things you love which nourish you (fam, community etc) and no to the things that don’t really accomplish anything,you didn’t want to do and which leave you feeling drained.
    And don’t have children:)

  2. Anonymous

    Feel free to let go of the creative crafting projects you felt you should do or didn’t finish because you didn’t really want it. Let it go, give the projects to someone else, re-use the left overs.
    Cull your consumer appetite so you spend less time desiring and working for material goods.
    Switch off the TV.
    Prevention rather than cure with children’s behaviour.
    Take care of yourself – get re-energised.

  3. Anonymous

    Brilliant, thank you! and thanks also to Felicity and what she had to add. Just what i need to be reading at the beginning of the year when upon review I see just how much time escapes, unhelpfully. I hope I can gather all those spare moments and find that extra hour each day. Love and light, Toni

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