How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

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how to make a pop up christmas tree card

How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

Super Simple!  Make these with the children at playgroup and family day care for end-of-year celebrations too!

With thanks to Staedtler

Shhhh!  Don’t tell.


We’ve invited our Rainbow Bridge FDC educator team to a very fun ‘Festive Cookie Baking’ night where we will all bring along a batch of our favourite cookie dough and a festive cookie cutter, and then share our freshly baked cookies with one another.  We’ll leave the evening with a handmade box full of cookie goodness to share with our own children and the children in our family day care groups. Oh, and husbands!  (They will make the box on the night too- another crafty trick up their sleeve.)

So today, I’ve just made an invitation for everyone. I’ll pop them in the post tomorrow. Don’t you just love a bit of snail mail?

How to make a pop up Christmas Tree card invitation.

how to make a pop up christmas tree card

  1. You’ll need a pack of plain cards. I bought mine (green and pale blue) in Big W.  Take one card and cut it in half so you have two cards, each measuring approx 7.5 cm wide. On one of these cards, use scissors to cut two lines about 3cm long.  Be sure to leave at least 2 cm on one edge so your tree can fit inside.
  2. Open the card and push the piece forward like this.
  3. Close the card to make a crease.  This makes a ‘step’ inside, the ‘pop-up’ bit you will place your ‘tree’ or other embellishment upon.

how to make a pop up christmas tree card 2

4.  Cut out a tree template from green cardboard just like this. Sit the tree on the ‘step’ and make sure it fits. Trim as necessary.

5.  Gather a sheet of lightweight paper in all colours of the rainbow. Use a hole punch to punch out a rainfall of rainbows dots.

6.  Slide glue all over the tree and let the children go wild adding the rainbow dots.

how to make a pop up christmas tree card 3

7.  Remember to add a paper star to the top!

8.  Type or write up your invitation poem.  Make it fun!

9.  Now stick it all together.  Poem on the back wall, tree on the ‘step’ of cardboard sitting forward, and another piece with details of the actual event- e.g. date, time, location and where to RSVP.  To finish off the card so that the step doesn’t show on the front, you will need to use that other half of the card as your outer ‘wrap’.  You don’t have to use the same colour card… I used 1/2 of a blue card for the outer wrap instead.

how to make a pop up christmas tree card 4

10. & 11.  On the front cover, trace a dashed line around a small lid or cup, leaving 5 gaps for the ‘holly berries and leaves’. I used my favourite Staedtler fine liner pens. (These pens are my go-to for all creative projects and writing tasks.  They are so pretty and write so well.)

12.  Draw your holly berries and holly leaves too.


All that is left is to write in your guest’s name.  And post!  Mine are off tomorrow.  Remember, if you see any of our RB educators tribe, don’t tell!  It’s a surprise!

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