How to make a handmade butterfly toy with wool fibres

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These simple butterflies are loved by little children everywhere.
You just need two 8-10cm lengths of carded wool sliver in your choice of colour.
Wool fleece can be purchased from my friend Jen at her facebook page, Lavendilly Fibre Arts.
She sells fleece in 100 gram lots but if you ask her nicely, she might even make you up a rainbow sample selection, just right for making butterflies and other small fleece bits and pieces.
Take a long pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Wrap it around the first wool sliver and twist to secure it in place.
Place the second piece into the pipe cleaner and twist again.
Now fashion the antennas.
Twist the ends of the wool fibres into four sections to make the wings.
It helps to dampen your fingers as you twist to help it hold its shape.
(Some people like to needle felt the wings in place to make them even more sturdy. But if kids are doing it, a little twist and hand shaping is all they need to do.
Add a string and a stick and you have a flying butterfly just ready to go out into the world.
Happy flying!
A little hint for birthday parties and festivals:
When I am setting up for special do’s, I often write instruction cards. Simple instructions with basic illustrations means that if I’m called away to another job, parents can help their children to make or do the thing.  Even if, as my mother did, they say they aren’t creative!   Cards also mean I’m not having to repeat my instructions over and over.  I make sure that everyone can follow and it makes for a happier, easy-flow day for all.

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  1. Amber Greene

    The cards are fab. Years ago we did a spring games night with about 12 activity stations but only 5 staff. We put instruction cards on all the tables and we roamed helped out where needed. Parents began to help and teach each other and so did the older brothers and sisters. What a fab community building night it was!

  2. Cheryl

    That is such a good idea to create written instructions with pictures. Must cut the stress of trying to be everywhere at the same. Your butterflies look absolutely magical.

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