How to make a pom pom flower

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how to make a pom pom flower

Gee I love pom poms…those puff balls of magic. I sometimes wonder who was the first person to come up with a pom pom, and why? I can’t imagine the first  person who sat there and thought.. “If I put two circles of cardboard together and wind wool yarn around them, I can make a puffy ball of fluff. I think I’ll call it a pom pom!”  But sometimes the most nonsensical thing can become a thing beloved across the world, and across generations.

In my book, I made pom pom poi for twirling and pom pom trees. And on my blog, you can find pom pom apples for a pom pom apple tree too. And a few years ago, I made the CUTEST pom pom echidna that now lives in my story box. He is oh-my-god cute!

But I’ve not made pom pom flowers until now. These ones are a combination of yarn and wool fleece so they are super puff-ball-y, like those blow-a-wish dandelion puffs. Yellow because I wanted to bring a bit of the sun in, a bit of light and love and summery gloriousness for the first day of Spring. Can you believe it is September? Oh my. Where did the year go?

I’ve heard it’s less than 20 Fridays until Christmas. That just doesn’t even bear thinking about!

How to make a pom pom flower using yarn and wool fleece

Photos numbered left to right…

how to make a pom pom flower

1. Trace around a small cup or container about 3cm in diameter and cut four circles the same size out of cardboard. Pair them up. Cut out the centre piece of both the circle pairs like so.

2. Take a sliver of wool fleece and gently pull off a 1cm wide strip. Begin winding it round and round through the hole in the centre of the cardboard.

3.  Repeat this step again and again, slightly overlapping the new piece over the tail of the old, until you have completed one full circle of fleece.

how to make a pom pom flower collage2

4.  Repeat this wrapping motion with yellow yarn.  I cut off one metre lengths as even the smallest ball won’t fit through the hole.

5.  When you reach the end of one length, simply overlap the new starting piece over the tail of the old too.

6.  Continue on, swapping yarn and fleece layers, until the hole in the centre is full.

how to make a pom pom flower collage3

7.  Take a very sharp pair of scissors and cut into the finished ball. Find the cardboard template and place the scissor tips in between the two layers as a guide to show you where to cut.

8.  When you have cut all the way around, wrap a length of cotton embroidery thread through the centre of the card and around the ball. Tie a knot and pull it tight to secure pom pom.

9. Trim the pom pom to tidy it up a little.

how to make a pom pom flower 4

10.  Attach the pom pom to a skewer stick with a dab of glue, and tie the ends to the stick firmly also. Trim the loose ends of cotton.

11. To help the pom pom flower to sit in the centre of the vase, you might like to poke the skewer into a ball of beeswax or bluetac,

12.  …then sit this inside your vase. (Like my painted vase? Click here for instructions.)

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