Meal Blessings Waldorf- plus a youtube video of MY morning tea song!

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Meal Blessings Waldorf & Seasonal

These are some of my favourite blessings I have used over the past 14 years.


meal blessings waldorf


Earth who gives to us this food,
Sun who makes it ripe and good
Dear Earth, Dear Sun
By you we live
Our loving thanks to you we give
Blessings on our meal, and peace on earth


Blessings on the blossoms
Blessings on the roots
Blessings on the leaves and stems
And blessings on the food/fruit


Give thanks to the Mother Gaia
Give thanks to the Father Sun
Give thanks to the flowers and the plants and the trees
Where the mother and the father are one.


For the golden corn, and the apples on the trees
For the golden butter and the honey from the bees
For fruits and nuts and berries, that grow beside the way
We bless your loving kindness, earth  (cook/Mum/Dad/friend)
And thank you every day.


And this is one of mine….


What is your favourite blessing or grace or quote or poem?

What do you say?  

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