How To Sew A Small Doll By Hand

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how to sew a small doll by hand1

How to sew a small doll by hand No. 21 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series: ‘The Fonz’   Isn’t it funny how crafty projects can take on a life of their own? I know that each doll I’ve been making of late has begun life as a ‘project’, and has morphed into a ‘personality’ or a ‘character’.  This…

Free Treasure Hunt Games For Children

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free treasure hunt games for children

Free treasure hunt games for children   A little while ago, I took Ned to his friend Q’s birthday party. Q and his family live on a lovely property with lots of trees, perfect for this party game. It’s a treasure hunt with a difference. To make it, you’ll need as many paddle pop (ice lolly) sticks as you have…

Paper Finger Puppet Dolls For Storytelling

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Finger Puppet Dolls For Storytelling

30 Days of Dolls: Paper finger puppet dolls for storytelling No. 12: A Finger Family for Nursery Rhyme Fun In my quest to make a variety of dolls in this 30 days of dolls series, I wanted to be sure to make dolls out of all kinds of materials. Doll making doesn’t have to be limited to using fabric or…

Find a Daycare Near You – Murwillumbah. Educator Ingrid.

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ingrid find a daycare near you

  Find a daycare near you? Family Day Care Murwillumbah   Are you looking to find a daycare near you, in the Murwillumbah region? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that our educator Ingrid is meeting potential families now. Ingrid is a mother of five, who loves nature, and spending time with her children.   LOTS MORE DETAILS COMING…

DIY Christmas Angel Peg Dolls

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christmas angel peg dolls

DIY Christmas Angel Peg Dolls   Inspired by Margaret Bloom’s new book “Making Peg Dolls and More” published by Hawthorn Press, I decided to tackle a project I’ve had on my to-do list for a while now. To make Christmas Angel peg dolls. I’m a little bit in love with how they turned out.  Ooooooo! Cute! If you want to…

Make Simple Christmas Tree Decorations with icy pole sticks

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Make simple Christmas Tree ornaments using icy pole sticks!

Make Simple Christmas Tree Decorations with Icy Pole Sticks Brought to you by Crayola Last week, I visited one of our educators who was making simple Christmas Tree decorations with miniature icy pole sticks (popsicle sticks).  They were so cute, and something the children could easily do. Our educator had seen this craft in her daughter’s preschool room and had…

Festive Fun- Writing on Windows!

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writing on windows

Festive Fun! When else are you allowed to write on windows? In conjunction with Crayola.   Last week, I was co-host of our monthly Crafternoon get together. (Madness… it’s been going for 4.5 years now!)   We decided to make it a cooking/baking day, so the girls all made a festive Christmas box with a handle and then filled it…

3 New Creative Ideas for Goodie Bags at Birthday Parties

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ideas for goodie bags

    3 New Creative Ideas for Treat Bags at Birthday Parties   Ever since I was little, it has been the done thing to go home from a party with a little bag of party favours or lollies. I actually don’t remember a time when it didn’t happen. But somewhere along the way, treat bags at birthday parties have…

How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Tree Card

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how to make a pop up christmas tree card

How to Make a Pop Up Christmas Tree Card Super Simple!  Make these with the children at playgroup and family day care for end-of-year celebrations too! With thanks to Staedtler Shhhh!  Don’t tell.   We’ve invited our Rainbow Bridge FDC educator team to a very fun ‘Festive Cookie Baking’ night where we will all bring along a batch of our…

Advent Time Preparation- a celebration of the Four Kingdoms of Life

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advent time preparation

Advent Time Preparation. What is Advent?   Many of us know a little bit about “Advent” and marking time to Christmas by those little cheap cardboard calendars they sell in all the supermarkets come this time of year.  You know the ones- covered in Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh, Ben 10, Spiderman motifs and filled with a little piece of…

How to make a Simple Nativity Scene using a basket and blue cloths!

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How to make a simple Nativity Scene main

DIY Nativity Scene   Have you ever wondered how to make a simple Nativity scene?  This simple presentation might become your favourite, as it is mine.  It can be used as an ‘Advent Calendar’ too.I love this Nativity scene so much that I can’t wait to unpack it each year. Even if one year I decided to go for the…

30 Easy Christmas Crafts to Make by Amber Greene

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easy christmas crafts to make

30 Easy Christmas Crafts to Make at Home (Why just the kids? Lots for the mama who likes to craft too!)   Last year, I blogged one Christmas Craft per day, all the way through November. You might have joined in…? I seriously can’t believe it is over one year ago that I did that. It seems like yesterday. This…

How to make a pom pom flower

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how to make a pom pom flower

Gee I love pom poms…those puff balls of magic. I sometimes wonder who was the first person to come up with a pom pom, and why? I can’t imagine the first  person who sat there and thought.. “If I put two circles of cardboard together and wind wool yarn around them, I can make a puffy ball of fluff. I…