How to make a pom pom with yarn for an apple prop or decoration

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how to make a pom pom with yarn

How to make a pom pom with yarn Pom Pom apples for an Autumn nature table display I really love the simplicity of a few wrapped branches in baby glass bottles and a tribe of pom pom apples. Such an easy craft but super cute.     (These natural timber mushrooms are pretty handsome also!) Remember pompoms from childhood. Have you…

Five Simple Ways to Overcome Mealtime Challenges

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mealtime challenges pm

Mealtime Challenges Five quick and easy ideas to try! Brought to you by Crayola.   The most difficult part of my day at the moment is the end-of-day rush trying to make a healthy nutritious meal (no, toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner doesn’t quite cut it!), put the dinner on the table, and tidy up afterwards so I’m not left…

How to make a natural Rainbow Cake!

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how to make a natural rainbow cake

How to make a natural Rainbow Cake! I’ve been loving all these rainbow cakes I’ve been seeing for a year or so on Pinterest, and also on friends blogs and facebook pages. BUT even though I love the vibrant colours, I’m not too keen on EATING that stuff. Not for me, definitely not for my kids. So I’ve been wondering…

Fun family road trip activities

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crayola doodle magic

Fun Family Road Trip Activities Brought to you by Crayola. It’s holiday time again and next week, I’m taking my boys to visit a friend just a little way up the road, but long enough that my boys might start to get more than a bit restless. So I’ve been on the hunt for some things to take that will…

How to Make a Paper Napkin Ring for Children

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  How to make a Paper Napkin Ring that children will love! Make a bear, or a rabbit, or perhaps create your own fun animal? With thanks to Staedtler for the opportunity to try these crafty pens.  It’s hard sometimes to create a happy family mood around the dinner table when it’s the very end of the day, mama’s rushed and…

Preparing a Meaningful Festival for your Family, Class and Community with Sandra Frain

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sandra frain

 Preparing a Meaningful Festival for your Family, Class and Community with Sandra Frain My lovely friend and colleague Sandra Frain, she of boisterous exuberance, a laughing love of life, and sheer sweetness, is running this amazing new workshop on June 22nd in Byron Bay.  (Sandra is one of our Rainbow Bridge Upcoming Presenters too, and she may very well repeat…

7 Top Tips for Motivating Children to Learn

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motivating children to learn

Motivating children to learn. My top seven practical, tried-and-true tips from a lifetime working with children. Brought to you by ASG. Plus, see below for details on how to enter ASG’s competition to win a week-long luxury family excursion!   I’ve had all kinds of teaching and learning experiences with children- in mainstream schools and Steiner Waldorf ones; across preschools…

Why I love Waldorf Kindergartens

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waldorf kindergartens

(Ned’s 6 year old birthday celebration) “Long have I searched for you, you wicked creature”   Why I LOVE Waldorf Kindergartens   Ned and I were in the bath last week after Jack had gone to bed, and he started telling me the exciting news that he played the ‘Woodcutter’ that day at kindergarten. Without further ado, he said in…

How do I get my child to eat breakfast? 7 ideas to try.

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how do i get my child to eat breakfast

How do I get my child to eat breakfast?   My 6 year old Ned is NOT a breakfast eater. He will do everything and anything to avoid eating before school. If he had his way, he’d wait until at least 9 or 10am before a morsel would reach his mouth. His dad is much the same, unlike Jack and…

How to Make a Tooth Fairy Doll

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how to make a tooth fairy doll pm

How To Make A Tooth Fairy Doll No. 24 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series   Ned lost his second baby tooth last week, and we needed a little tooth pillow-y thing to pop it in. His first tooth went into a little gold origami box just like this one, but this box is still holding his gold coin…

Loose parts play ideas

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autumn loose parts ideas

Loose parts play ideas Autumn Leaves and Seedpods as Outdoor Imaginative Play Boosters!   I popped in to my son’s old preschool the other day and I saw this little cane cupboard propped right on the edge of the verandah.  Yes! Baskets of autumn play props. I love it. I can just imagine the play that might grow from something…

Autumn Harvest Festival Ideas

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autumn harvest festival ideas

Autumn Harvest Festival Ideas from Ned’s school celebration   Just over a week ago, Ned and his classmates invited us (the families) to come and share in a little seasonal festival fun!  I wrote yesterday about the gorgeous autumn fall leaf bunting made by the children that was hanging in among the branches of the trees. But there was so…

How to Make a Fall Leaf Garland (Autumn)

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how to make a fall leaf garland

How to Make a Fall Leaf Garland An activity for children in Autumn using simple sewing.   On the last day of term, Ned’s kindergarten celebrated with an Autumn Festival. (Oh my. I do love a kindergarten festival. Stop by tomorrow for a sneak peek! Better late than never.)  When we arrived, we were invited to head on down to…

Easter egg treasure hunt ideas

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easter egg treasure hunt ideas

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Ideas Giveaway!   If you are wanting to do something a little different this year, and need some fun Easter Egg Treasure Hunt ideas, then you should have a look at this fun adventure for the whole family designed by my friend Michelle? Her Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Game is a downloadable PDF file that you can print…

How to Make a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit

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how to make a washcloth bunny rabbit

How to make a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit Makes a lovely handmade gift idea for Easter or Springtime!     My teaching friends Jennie and Jemma were given a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit as an easter gift, and when he was three, I made Ned his very own pink one. He did love pink!   There is still time to make one for your…