Introducing Roam the Gnome!

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Roam the Gnome

Introducing Roam the Gnome!


Did you know, that earlier this year, I launched a BRAND NEW Travel with Kids website, Roam the Gnome.  You see, while I adore craft and creative adventures, I also LOVE real life adventures with my kids to super fun places. (Some of you might know I took my two boys around the world in March/April, solo, for 5 weeks. Such fun! So many things to showcase now too!)

SUPER FUN places are not always easy to find, and I’ve spent so much time over the years searching and searching for the stuff that is out of this world. NOT your boring, everyday swings and slides but the playgrounds, the parks, the adventures, the restaurants, the hotels that specialise in being child-centric.

Perhaps a Hello, Kitty themed room in a hotel?  Or a hands-on Gladiator experience for kids 6 to 60 years old, just five minutes from the Colosseum (but hidden so out of the way that most people would never know about it)?  What about a hotel with it’s own Popsicle Hotline right by the 24-hour heated pool?  (YES!  These places exist.)  You might want to know just where you’d find a hotel with it’s own LEGO room service, or how about a space-age styled playground in suburban Brisbane?

These places are out there, and I’m on a mission – WITH YOUR HELP – to catalogue them all in one spot.  Then we can all check in to find all the best kid-friendly things to do, places to visit, hotels to stay, and where to eat, city by city.

So, the question is…


Want to share your insider’s tips?  Your locals-only knowledge with me and other fun-seeking families out there?

To join in is simple. Just head to Roam the Gnome, and print off a Roam the Gnome Puppet Printable.  Then take him along with your kids (or the neighbour’s kids, or borrow a kid!) to your best-kept secret and take a few photos of Roam exploring the spot.  If you aren’t keen to share your kid’s faces, then pics of Roam playing or eating or sleeping at the park/playground/zoo/hotel/restaurant will do just fine.  He has a good sense of humour, so do take advantage of that when taking your pics!

Then all you need to do is email me your 650 x 400 pixel (approx) pics to  (up to 12 is perfect- we want a good look round).

Remember to send me details of where it is at…. address, ( a google map link is good), opening hours, entry fees, what’s there to do/see/buy, contact details if necessary eg website, phone number, email)  AND anything else you think I’ll need to write up the story.  Happy to pop a link back to your own website/blog/business too.

So what are you waiting for?

Go Places with Roam the Gnome.… and start adventuring with him today.

We can’t wait to hear about about your town and fun finds!


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