Tradition kills creativity

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Burn, Baby, Burn. Creativity Fire Starters.   I love traditions. I love the ritual of doing something in a particular way, each season, or each birthday or each year. I think there is something extremely nurturing for everyone in experiencing a seed of something familiar, repeated on a predictable cycle.   But… I also know that holding onto traditions dogmatically…

The Fun Theory

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My friend Simon posted this video on facebook and I can’t resist sharing it with you all! Just copy and paste the link to a new window and you’ll be able to watch it. Not to give too much away, it is about the “Fun Theory”. I really like this!! In fact, this is probably the thing I most believe…

Creative ideas for Christmas Trees

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Imagine my surprise to walk into our shed and see this amazing tree! Yes, my husband declared it necessary that the Shed have its’ very own Christmas tree so he and my son set about making one! Decorating it with the finest selection of tools, it takes pride of place!   Paintbrushes, saws, screwdrivers, rope, measuring tape, shovels and digging…

Eco Advent Calendar by EcoFootPrints

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One of my newest blog finds (a little bit of treasure right here in Australia!) is Little Eco Footprints Tricia wrote a lovely post about making an Eco advent calendar! I love it! How sweet, simple and refreshing to use and find things in nature for this! And then as an extra special treat, she also gave 24 suggestions of…