Storytelling Ideas For Kids and Parents: Make your own with story stone starters

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storytelling ideas for kids

  Project 27: Storytelling Ideas for Kids & Parents ‘Storytelling Stones’. Make your own story starters! Time: One hour, give or take Difficulty: Choosing what pictures you’ll use is the biggest barricade!   We busy parents don’t have time for lots and lots of stories at bedtime. Especially NOT those long, long, long ones. Short stories are good. Our days…

Busy Time: The challenge of being an ‘entertainment director’

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As you know, I’m an advocate for the idea of ‘balanced parenting’. I’m never going to set down a list of rules or advice that expound one set of lifestyle characteristics or virtues over another.  The golden rule when it comes to parenting is that each parent has the right to make their own choices over what is ok, or…

Parenting Tip: Mindful choice

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Trimmed and Tailed via Sini via Last night, I was preparing beans when it struck me that I don’t really know why I trim and tail the ends of beans.  I just do it because I saw my mum do it.  I wonder if there is any real reason other than decorative?  Does anyone know? Of course, my mind…

Developmental Guides for Young Children

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Years ago, I read a book that I can no longer remember the title of.  I remember and put into practice one thing from this book. It was called the 5 Point Review or something similar. (If anyone knows the original source and name of this book, please let me know) Basically, at the end of each week, you ask…

Self Care and the art of nourishment: Parenting Tip

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I took the advice of a wise sage yesterday and gave myself a day off. Do you ever take a day off? Really? Truly? (I struggle to do that!) So, this is the parenting tip of the day: Self Care and the art of nourishment.  I’m all for balance.  In theory.  But in reality, my life swirls like a hurricane….

Tap Tap construction game for children

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Have you ever seen this Hammer Nail Tap Tap game? They are sold in sets-  shapes, or animals, or houses or trees.  Each set comes with a number of timber pieces cut into the specific style, pre drilled with a small hole.  There is also a cork board, a container of tiny brass pin nails and a wooden hammer. I store…

“The Home” as motif for quality child care

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Can you imagine a place, where up to 20 little children are mostly free to move about from room to room, under the watchful loving guidance of five co-workers in a big old warm timber home?   (The exception to this might be when one co-worker blocks off a room with a low barrier frame to keep inquisitive babies from knocking over the…

Playing with sticks, a child’s exploration of the world of nature

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I just love this post about the power of sticks written by one of my best girlfriends, Jen on her blog, Lavendilly That documentary ‘Babies’ has just been released on DVD and I think this article also proves what has been shown by the African babies.  That sometimes, less is truly more.  Not more and more toys, but instead ACCESS to…

Rural Fire Brigade Christmas Event 2010

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Who wouldn’t want to live in a rural location for the community spirit? Each year, late in the afternoon of Christmas eve, our local Rural Fire brigade man a few trucks and bring Santa to visit all the children in their homes! He usually sits on the back of a ute, but this year, in the continuous unseasonal rain, he…

Creative ideas for Christmas Trees

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Imagine my surprise to walk into our shed and see this amazing tree! Yes, my husband declared it necessary that the Shed have its’ very own Christmas tree so he and my son set about making one! Decorating it with the finest selection of tools, it takes pride of place!   Paintbrushes, saws, screwdrivers, rope, measuring tape, shovels and digging…

How to host your best and most special Christmas ever!

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Last night, I was privileged to spend the most delightful evening with my friend Sandra Frain, and a group of enthusiastic, warm, welcoming, generous (and some new) friends! Some of whom I am pleased to have known for years! Sandra had been asked by her friend, the-ever-enthusiastic-learner Annie, to share some of her wisdom once again, this time about the…