Home Office Organisation Ideas Using Fun Painted Stones

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Home Office organisation ideas

Project #28: Home Office Organisation Ideas Paint a set of ‘jobs to do’ nature stones Time: An hour or less. Time-saving? Endless. Difficulty: Quick, easy and cheerful.   My office is ALWAYS in need of organisation. I’m someone who puts things in piles. But while I know what is in the pile at that moment, I quickly forget.  So many…

Craft Rooms and Office Space Organisation

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craft rooms

  Craft Rooms and Home Office Space: my top practical tips for organisation Making better use of my space, and in particular my office/craft rooms, has been my goal for the past few weeks. When baby Jack came along, it just did not feel right to be taking him into my craft/office space but I still needed to work and…

Calico covered pencil pots with hand-embroidered tags

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Calico covered pencil pots

      As someone who has slowly built a big stash of creative tools over the years, one of the things I struggle with is how to organise them in a way that makes the tools accessible, streamlined, yet also kind of stylish.  I have experimented with wooden dishes, cane baskets, plastic tubs, garden baskets, and just about every…

Storytelling Prop Bags: Make your own

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I like to tell stories. Most of my friends would tell you I’m a storyteller. (Most likely they would also tell you I can’t tell a short story, and that I also don’t know when to shut up. Thank goodness for patient and kind friends, I say.) But back to storytelling. I was so so so fortunate many years ago to…