Five Simple Ways to Overcome Mealtime Challenges

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mealtime challenges pm

Mealtime Challenges Five quick and easy ideas to try! Brought to you by Crayola.   The most difficult part of my day at the moment is the end-of-day rush trying to make a healthy nutritious meal (no, toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner doesn’t quite cut it!), put the dinner on the table, and tidy up afterwards so I’m not left…

How to Make a Paper Napkin Ring for Children

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  How to make a Paper Napkin Ring that children will love! Make a bear, or a rabbit, or perhaps create your own fun animal? With thanks to Staedtler for the opportunity to try these crafty pens.  It’s hard sometimes to create a happy family mood around the dinner table when it’s the very end of the day, mama’s rushed and…

How do I get my child to eat breakfast? 7 ideas to try.

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how do i get my child to eat breakfast

How do I get my child to eat breakfast?   My 6 year old Ned is NOT a breakfast eater. He will do everything and anything to avoid eating before school. If he had his way, he’d wait until at least 9 or 10am before a morsel would reach his mouth. His dad is much the same, unlike Jack and…

DIY Nature Candle Holders made at Periwinkle Preschool

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nature candle holders

DIY Nature Candle Holders using a teak pod A Month of Food Fun: Day Ten, Mealtime Candles   Ever since I began working in a Steiner kindergarten about 15 years ago, I have LOVED a candlestick on our dinner table. Most nights, we light it, then take turns snuffing or blowing it out. It is a tradition, along with saying…

How to Make Wine Glass Charms with FIMO Modelling Clay

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how to make wine glass charms glass

How to make wine glass charms for Christmas Party cheer! Project 23 of 30 Days of Christmas Crafting. Now, this Christmas craft is specially for us big people, although this craft could also be used to personalise and identify children’s mugs for school or kindy too by just coming up with an appropriate design. Or one for each child’s dinnertime…

Candle Centerpiece Ideas For Christmas: Felt Holly Leaf and Bead Berry Surround

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Candle Centerpiece Ideas For Christmas

Candle Centerpiece Ideas For Christmas: Felt Holly Leaf and Red Bead Berry Surround Project 5 of 30 Days of Christmas Crafting. Late last year, a few kindergarten friends and I visited a beautiful kindergarten in the mountaintop town of Armidale. We were there for a weekend of sharing, laughing, storytelling, crafting, singing and dancing. My kind of weekend. At one…

5. Angel Paper Doll

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paper doll

30 Days of Dolls: Angel Paper Doll No. 5: Sweet Seating Placeholder or Invitation Card   Every Christmas, I make at least one Angel Paper Doll using gold or yellow painted paper with Ned. They are the perfect crafty activity for kids too. They can paint the paper, trace the templates, cut them out (with your help or tidy up)…

“Help Yourself” Basket in the fridge

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“Help Yourself” Basket I’m not a big fan of snacking but Ned is. We needed a compromise. I provide him with regular meals of breakfast, a fruit morning tea, lunch and dinner. But in between, he can go to his ‘Help Yourself’ basket. I keep a plastic basket at his eye level.  Each night before I go to bed, and…

Parent Tip: How to encourage child to eat vegetables

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how to encourage child to eat vegetables

How to encourage child to eat vegetables Today, I’d like to quote my sage friend Maria. We were talking last week about our children’s likes and dislikes of food. Those with more than one child know that each child COMES with their own food temperament. Some children will eat whatever you put in front of them, with GUSTO!  And ask for more….

How to use an apple slicer

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Have you ever seen one of these and wondered what it is for… I did for years, until I saw one in a kitchen shop with a printed brochure attached. It is for cutting apples! You simply place it over the apple core/stalk and press down, preferably with two hands, but I can only use one when I take a…

How to make mountain bread salad wraps

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Want to encourage your children to eat lots of different foods? Presentation helps. So does letting them make the food themselves. So, this week, the Moondew children made their own mountain bread wraps. On offer was: tomato slices, cucumber slices, capsicum, creamed corn, avocado slices, cheese, grated carrot, home made hommus (a little heavy on the garlic side!) and free-nut…

The wonderful world of Thermomix

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This is my newest toy! (Only the base and jug pictured. A two-piece steam boat and other attachments also come with it) What a gadget. Took a dedicated year of saving to be able to purchase it, but oh, my… life changing! Have you seen one before? They are called Thermomix and can do just about anything! Grate, chop, cook,…