Waldorf Verses for Morning Tea

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waldorf verses for morning tea

Waldorf Verses for Morning Tea   I have been singing (and singing!) during my work with young children for many, many years. In Waldorf settings, we sing or say a blessing before meals. I like this idea, even though it was not something I was brought up with at all. I have seen this singing moment transform a busy mealtime into a…

How to make perfect bread dough, and a bread baking song

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Yippee! Finally, a recipe that works every time to make the most delicious bread rolls! Just mix it all together, then knead it and let it rise for 30 minutes in a warm spot in the kitchen. Knead it for a second time after the rise. Ingredients: 500 gram best quality flour you can find (I use Kialla wholemeal stoneground…

Waldorf Story Verse: setting the scene to begin storytelling

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This is a favourite thing of mine.  I have had it for years, and do not even recall where I bought it. (Nature Play in Samford) I first used it during storytime with Henrietta over 12 years ago, and I have brought it out as my new candle for storytime at Moondew this year.  Isn’t it lovely?? I begin my…